About Us

The Aluminium Industries LTD. (Alind) established in 1946, entered into technical collaboration with Delle Alsthom in 1977 for the manufacture of solid state protective relays at their Relays Division at Trivandrum. Alind was the first company in India to introduce a range of Static relays in 1982. As the company in the forefront to introduce static relays, Alind has the largest experience in this technology. The division has a most modern electronics plant producing the most advanced static and microprocessor based relays and C & R panels.
Apart from the relays developed during collaboration period, Alind indigenously developed other static and microprocessor based relays and annunciator suitable for Railways and Electricity Boards with the unparalleled experience gained in the design, manufacturing, testing and application engineering.
• Expertise in design, development, manufacture, supply & commissioning of protective relays and panels for over two decades.
• Alind panels and relays approved by RDSO after type tests and field trials are rendering excellent service even in unattended substations in severe climatic conditions of high ambient temperature, extreme humidity etc.
• A team of highly experienced application and service engineers provide efficient customer support.
Alind relays have been type tested to IS/IEC Standards as applicable, at SAMEER-Chennai , MSME Mumbai, ETDC Bangalore , ETDC Chennai and ERTL- Trivandrum labs.

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Quality Policy

We are committed to provide reliable Electrical Power System protection devices as per requirements of customers,stake holders and other applicable requirements through design,manufacture and implementation of effective Management System.We are also committed to ensure continual improvement of products and Quality Management System.