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Low Tension Control Panel for DC distribution are installed in Traction Substations for 110V DC distribution. Two incoming circuits from the dc output terminals of the battery chargers are connected through a double pole change over switch to a bus bar housed inside the panel. The Lead-Acid battery of 110 V will be directly connected to these bus bars. LED lamps are provided for each of the outgoing circuits to indicate the availability of supply and also for bus bar supply indication. All the switches and MCBs are rated for operation on 110V DC.
The Panel Board is of Single front type, Cubicle Design, Uniform depth, Compartmentalized, Dust & vermin Proof fabricated by 1.6mm thick CRCA Sheet. The bus bars inside the panel are centrally located. The MCBs are mounted below the bus bars and so provided inside the panel that their operating levers/ knobs cannot be accessed from outside unless the panel cover is opened. The flush mounted changeover switch and the voltmeter are mounted above the bus bars. The busbar chamber of the panel have detachable covers at both ends, whereas the other portion of the panel housing MCBs and change over switch etc. can have hinged covers. The arrangements inside the panel are such that all live metals and terminals etc. are suitably shrouded so as to protect against contact with liver parts, when the door is open. The frame of the panel is provided with the necessary number of openings duly fitted with suitable glands for cables entry. This distribution panel is suitable for wall mounting.

Product Specifications

  • Current: DC
  • Exterior Shade: Glossy Green color
  • Interior Shade: Epoxy powder coated white color
  • Powder Coating Thickness: >80 microns
  • Dimensions, H x W x D: 700 x 500 x 280 mm

Product Literature